Yoyo Foods, as a company, has enjoyed a successful, dynamic path of branded snacks development, production, distribution and sales and merchandising of some of Zambia’s favourite snacks over the past 10 years.

Not only does Yoyo Foods, produce and distribute for itself, but also utilizes retail marketing sales and distribution skills of specialists and agencies to ensure an extensive distribution network over central Africa.   Thereby ensuring that our customers and consumers alike have access to our wide range of fun filled, great tasting snacks.


  • 2006  The CEO of Trade Kings gave 2 young people in their early 20’s – our current Managing Directors – the challenge of creating a business with the ‘lively sounding name’ of Yoyo.
  • 2006  Yoyo Foods Limited was launched with the manufacture of Naks
  • 2009  Yoyo Foods introduced soft extrudes – Curls
  • 2013  Yoyo Foods launched Yoyo Chipsy potato chips
  • 2014  Yoyo Foods introduced sweet coated snacks – HipHop
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